Odds and Ends

There have been a few things that I have noticed going on sale or close to going on sale that I have wanted to post about, but don't really deserve a full on post by themselves. So now that I have noticed a few things I would like to group them together to talk about.

The first and really just something nice to see is the full circle line of coffee cleaning products from Urnex being on sale here at Roaste. There have always been a variety of cleaning products here on the site to help keep that espresso machine or coffee machine clean, but with the full circle line it's just how full circle implies just better products for the environment. Also, if you take the time to look at the product they are nice sizes for home machine use not in the larger sizes that are just going to take up space. And as a bonus with this line it's the first time I believe that grinder pellets to clean out the grind have been made avaible here on the site, all in all very cool.

The other cool item that has been recently put into production is of course the fine Aeropress filter, it has been reviewed here on Roaste by one of the other bloggers, The basic idea of the this filter is the it's a fine reusable metal mesh that will allow oil from the coffee to pass through, but not the sediment. At the price of $12.50  including shipping this filter is really something that I will be looking to pick up shortly and if you make a lot of Aeropress brews is probably something you should too, here is where to buy.Prima-Coffee also has a good collection of the buzz about the fine filter as well, here.

Now finally there is a new Bonavita Temperature controlled pouring kettle that will be coming out over the summer as well. I have the regular electric version of this kettle that just brings water up to a full boil and shuts off, here are my thoughts. There has been a good post on it over at Home-Barista that documents how well it heats up and that it can hold a temp for up to an hour. Overall it seems like a great product and will allow for having even more control for brewing up coffee. Hopefull there will be a nice retailer here that can offer it for sale!

So those the items I am excited about!

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