occasional frappucino indulgent

Despite my almost exclusive enjoyment of espresso and drinks that contain relatively small amount of milk such as machiato and cappucino, I do occasionally indulge on frappucino. When I first got started drinking espresso, I frequently get these drink from Starbuck. However, now that  I have discovered coffee can taste very good by itself without any "stuffs" added to it.

However, my wife do not really share enthusiasm for coffee but she do love occasionally to have an iced coffee heavily sweetened and topped off with whipped cream and chocolate and caramel sauce or pretty much the same thing but put into a blender to produce a slurry. I must admit that when I make these for my wife, I also enjoy to have some myself. Obcourse, I make these with properly pulled espresso shots; not that it matter too much because it is drowned with syrups, just the way my wife like hers. 

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