Now It's Coffee, TEE, or Me

If your two loves are golf and coffee, then you’re going to love the newest in cafes that might be coming to a city near you. The latest golf rage in South Korea is being exported to North America starting this summer. It’s the virtual Golf Café and the first one is being opened in Vancouver B.C. this summer. In the US, 24 franchises have been awarded, so it won’t be long before this new phenomena is up and running. The Links Golf Café product pairs the love of golf with food and a social atmosphere a little cozier than the golf course. In the off season and when weather prohibits playing on the course, golfers can play a virtual game in one of these cafes. Not only can they work on their problem swing, but they can go up against pros and even golf on a number of famous courses. The cafes are intended to be linked at some point and players can then take on opponents from across the country. For some reason South Koreans didn’t pair the virtual golf with bars or taverns, but with coffee shops. The menus are the same in all cafes and feature fresh-roasted gourmet organic coffees. Sandwiches, such as Panini’s, will be another standby item. There is even a new word coined for this new form of recreation - “eater-tainment”. It’s hard to tell which the participants like the most – the game, or the coffee and sandwiches. Whichever it is, the promoters hope that even non-golfers will come in to enjoy great coffee and the lively golfing atmosphere.

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