Not-Your-Mother’s Baristas To Be Featured in Upcoming Reality Show

Remember the old TV sitcoms which focused on the 50’s diner setting, in which the waitresses were the stars? Now comes a modern, 21st century version that is no longer the sitcom, but the popular “reality show” genre. The coffee shop is no normal coffee bar, but the drive-thru coffee provider in Seattle known as Barista’s. Barista's promotes their coffee as of good quality, but their brew seems to take second-place to the promotion of the company as a place to be served by attractive, scantily-clad young women.

According to a recent article on, these baristas make “exceptionally good money” serving up coffee dressed as anything from nurses to policewomen, with abbreviated uniforms of course. They should make good money, working at an open window in Seattle during the cold winter with little clothing. You might ask, so where is the drama, the story, in such a setting? The show is relying on the talents of an Emmy Award-winning producer. The website states that “the show profiles the fierce competition between Baristas (attractive girls who wear provocative costumes while preparing specialty coffee beverages and other concoctions) for top shifts as well as the opportunities and challenges faced by the management while expanding the business.

There is no lack of drama …… as the stakes are high and each Barista will stop at nothing to ensure that they have the best shift, and earn top dollars in the very lucrative position as a ‘Baristas’ barista.” The impetus behind the show was the “consumer’s fascination” with the coffee bar and its baristas, and the reality TV advertising medium so popular right now. You can’t get much more commercial than that - like an infomercial with bunny-types who sell coffee while flirting with customers and cutting each other down. Maybe viewers will learn something about the coffee business from insiders in between snide remarks. Regardless, you’re sure to be hearing more about the barista reality show.

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