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This cooking with coffee stuff is contagious. Got ideas for recipes you'd like to see me try? Add them in a comment.

I just had to note that this cooking with coffee stuff is contagious, especially the espresso syrup thing. My 18-year-old son has taken to using up the espresso syrup at an alarming rate. He's already used it on pancakes and French toast and decided that nothing tastes quite as good as a glass of ice-cold milk with a tablespoon of espresso syrup stirrred in. (For the record, it is pretty darn good.) This afternoon, he started a batch of bread dough rising, then came out to ask me for the recipe for espresso syrup because he wanted to make espresso glazed bread. I drew the line at that one -- besides, we're out of brown sugar -- but now he's got me thinking. Today is a crazy busy writing day, but be on the lookout for a coffee-glazed chocolate donut later on this week -- maybe over the weekend.

And while I'm at it, is there anything you want to know how to make -- better with coffee? Ingredients you'd love to see paired with coffee? Throw me a challenge and I'll see what I can come up with. Sweet and savory dishes equally welcome. I'm totally intrigued with the whole idea of using various flavors and varieites of coffee in cooking, and I'd love to get suggestions on dishes you're wondering about.

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