Non-Coffee Drinker Wonders What She’s Missing

As incredible as it seems, writer Melissa Introne has never developed a liking for coffee and now asks if she’s missing out. In an article on January 1, she writes about her needs for caffeine, her parents’ mixed marriage (mom loves coffee, dad does not), and attempts a pro and con list to help her decide if she needs to give coffee a serious try this new year. It’s not that she hasn’t had a good role model, as her mom is a very enthusiastic coffee drinker. So much so, that when her doctor told her to cut down to one cup a day, she went out and bought a 64-oz mug to use. Now that’s a committed coffee drinker! Her mom also told her that when Melissa grew up, she’d get hooked on the brew, at least after getting a job, or after the kids came along. But no, after all of the above, Introne still doesn’t enjoy coffee.

She describes her need for caffeine – a serious enough need that she orders a Dr. Pepper to go with her breakfasts. She drinks the sugar filled sodas as opposed to the bean-based natural drink for the energy and wonders which is healthier, which has more calories and which is better for your teeth. Melissa, if you read any of CoffeeKind’s articles, you’d know that coffee is many times healthier than soda. Soda, especially the sugar-filled ones you drink, is damaging to teeth and digestive tract because of the acid, and the sugar is a toxin which further breaks down tooth enamel.

Coffee is filled with anti-oxidants which provide a long list of benefits. And calories? There are only a few calories in black coffee, and low calorie healthy sweeteners such as stevia are available. A little rice milk if preferred won’t add as many calories as soda packs in. Even dairy milk won’t add as many calories as soda. So yes Melissa, to answer your question, coffee is healthier, as provable from many studies and testimony from dieticians. You ARE missing out, not only on the health benefits, but on the energy and brain boosting advantages as well. Not least is the amazing flavor of coffee, not to mention the subtle flavor differences available from the wide variety of coffee origins available today. Oh, and in regard to the costs of being a coffee drinker - sure a daily Starbucks with all the extras can be expensive, but home brewing can be very cost effective and easy with the right coffee maker.

So CoffeeKind readers, how would you answer Melissa? Is she missing out?

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