No filters!

I hate waking up feeling like I did not get any sleep. Time for coffee. What? No filters? How did that happen? OK let me bring out the gold filter basket. Where is it again? Shoot. How did I lose that?

Twenty minutes pass and I have no filters and no basket. What do I do? Lets get creative. Nylons? No. Paper towels? Icky. Regular towel? Too big and cumbersome. Probably have a bad taste leftover anyway. Now I am cranky as well as tired. I used to have a little French press but I broke the glass last summer when I accidentally knocked it off of a counter. I end up filling the auto drip pot with water (same as usual) but put the coffee in the carafe instead of the filter basket. I let the water drip into it, stir and strain with a little tea infuser I use for brewing tea. 

Maybe it is my imagination but it tasted stronger. Very bold. I used Deep Cello Roaster's Black Tie Roast. It was worth the wait. And those around me were happy when I went from being tired and cranky to just tired. :)

Anyone try this solution before? Or what would a good substitute filter have been? 

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