No coffee= sleep

Today morning I was rushing out of the house and consequently, I forgot to tote along with me the Aeropress to school and the result is a disaster! The second lecture of the day which is held from 1:30pm to 3:00pm which is after lunch time and I fell as sleep on and off in this lecture. It didn't help either that the professor was extremely boring and the subject of the lecture was over enzyme kinetics.

The problem with enjoying great coffee is that you can never go back to crappy coffee; thus there are numerous choices of coffee available at my school, none of them are good and thus I'm forced to have a mean of making my own coffee at school.  

I think that in the future, what I must do is to leave the aeropress and a ceramic mug inside my locker so that I would have no chance of forgetting to bring it along with me. I only would have to remember to grind and bring along the ground coffee with me to school. Until I purchase a hand grinder, I would have to put up with using preground partially stale coffee. I probably also have to to end up buying one more aeropress to leave at home so that I can use it during the weekend because I like the coffee from the aeropress so much. 

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