New Survey Reveals Half of Coffee Lovers Won’t Cut Back

A survey is being run by Supermarket Guru concerning coffee buying habits. It is still going on, and at present, 49% of voluntary responses state they will not cut back on coffee even if coffee prices keep rising. You can hop over to the site and put in your two cents worth. You have to participate in the survey to see the results. The survey has been running for a couple of weeks. As it stands now, besides showing that almost half of the respondents will continue to drink coffee regardless of hikes in the coffee price, 74% they haven’t made any cutback since the price hikes took effect. Have you ever wondered where most people drink their coffee? One of the questions asked “Approximately what percentage of your coffee do you buy to consume at home vs. outside of the home?” Most of the answers, 49%, said they buy 100% of their coffee to consume at home. Another 32% estimated they drank 75% of their coffee at home. There’s no way to know how representative of coffee lovers this survey is, since it relies on internet users who happen on, or subscribe to, a site related to supermarket information. But we CAN conclude there is a group of people for whom the coffee shop holds no allure. These people also probably use their computers at home and don’t need a place with Wi-Fi. Sorry Starbucks. After all, when you think about it, there are so many reasonably priced coffee makers of all types available now, plus an amazing depth of coffee experiences offered on ROASTe. Just look at the three examples below of exotic coffees most coffee houses wouldn’t have, and even in the convenient POD option. Those who enjoy premium gourmet coffee don’t need to leave the comfort of home to enjoy it, nor do they have to extend stretched budgets to do so. Maybe, just maybe, the at-home coffee drinkers can state that they won’t cut back on coffee even with price hikes because they’re already saving the brew-it-yourself way. Brew on B-I-Yers!

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