New Coffee Beans Are the Coolest!

For several months there’ve been stories about the development of special thermal beans which promise to change the way we drink hot coffee - if not the way we drink coffee, at least the way we perceive coffee that is too hot and potentially a burn hazard. It was just announced that the Coffee Joullies will finally be available in the next month or two. Coffee Joullies are cute little stainless steel beans that come in a handy sack for you to carry with you to the coffee shop. No more worries about coffee the barista brews too hot, because now you just plop the joullies into the cup before he pours in the hot brew, if possible, or you ask for a bigger cup and drop them in afterward. A bigger cup is necessary because the beans displace 15% of the liquid. In seconds the hot coffee will noticeably begin to cool down to a drinkable temperature. It doesn’t end here though; the coffee will now stay at the best temperature for drinking, for up to five hours, if you have a thermal mug with a lid. The joullies work by absorbing the thermal energy of the hot liquid, as they contain a special “non-toxic material” that melts at 140 degrees F. As it melts it absorbs a lot of energy quickly, cooling the temperature three times faster than air does alone. At reaching 140, it starts releasing the energy back out into the liquid, thus constantly warming the coffee for several hours. Versatile, the beans can work in any hot drink, even hot chocolate. They can be washed in the dishwasher, as long as they are placed in the silverware holder and don’t get knocked around a lot. The inventors maintain there is no harm in the substance used, which is sealed securely in the center of the stainless steel shell. The best use for the joullies will be for those who go through drive-thru coffee lanes and immediately drive off with a cup of steaming hot liquid in their hands. Within a minute or two, the coffee will be cooled below a burning temperature and therefore much safer even if sloshed in traffic. ROASTe will be selling the joullies as soon as they are available. If you want to be alerted when they’re in stock, just add them to your wish list.

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