New Coffee App Helps You Choose Between Latte and Iced Coffee

Coffee Quest app screen capAre you one of those people who has trouble making decisions before your first cup of coffee? Now there's a new Android coffee app that can help you make that all-important first decision of the day -- what kind of coffee should you order?

The app, Coffee Quest, is a new addition to the Google Play store. Developed by QA Graphics, a company that develops mobile apps for the food service industry, it's free to download and use. Since I don't happen to own an Android device, I couldn't run through it to do a review, but it's described as "quirky" and "fun". Apparently, the app leads you through a series of questions about how you like your coffee, including how much caffeine you want, whether you want milk in it and if you want it hot or cold. Based on your responses, it then suggests a coffee drink you might like. 

Now, this isn't a problem I'm likely to have. I'm usually pretty sure exactly how I want my coffee, but it might be fun for those times when I want to try something different but I'm not sure quite what I want. It might also help those who aren't really sure exactly wha's in differnt types of coffee drinks. I do see one little problem with the idea of a coffee decision making app like this though... expects me to make five or six decisions in order to give me a final decision!

The Coffee Quest app is a nice, creative change from the usual coffee app, though. Of the top ten coffee apps reviewed by various app websites, most are either mixing guides, coffee shop locators or Starbucks card managers. This little Android app at least has a somewhat creative premise.

Do you have any coffee apps on your devices? If you were going to develop a coffee app, what would it do? What do you think of a ROASTe coffee suggestion app? 

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