Mypressi on its way

A while back I read a blog post here talking about the Mypressi Twist. Since then I’ve researched it exhaustively and determined that I would purchase one as my first espresso machine.

Ok, I didn’t so much research it exhaustively as I watched a couple of videos on Youtube, and if I’m being completely honest it isn’t my first espresso machine. That honor goes to an old Krups machine a friend gave me on my birthday a few years back.

That machine got used maybe a total of five times before being regulated to the back of cupboard. It wasn’t that the espresso was bad per say (it wasn’t amazing either, but not bad). It was that it took forever to make a shot. By the time I’d get it cleaned, filled with water, tamped, etc. I’d say nearly 20-30 minutes had passed with me tinkering with it before I would get a shot.

It was about this time that I started drinking my coffee from the local coffee shop. That coffee, again, wasn’t bad. Probably better than the coffee than I had made up to that point. It was only earlier this year that I noticed how much I’d been spending on my 2-3 mocha a week habit.

About that time is when I ordered the Aeropress and discovered and I’ve been making my own coffee ever since. Still with all the espresso talk that goes on around here I was looking for a way to join in the conversation.

With the Mypressi, I’ll be revisiting the world of espresso, but in a much more convenient system I think. It doesn’t look like it takes long to go from grind to cup and it looks fairly easy to get great results from it (at least based on all the glowing reviews I’ve read for it).

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