Mypressi - Initial Impressions

About three weeks back I posted about ordering the Mypressi Twist V2. I’ve used it for about two and a half of those weeks and wanted to give some preliminary opinions about it.

If you remember, the two main concerns I had with an espresso machine over my mainstay the Aeropress were as follows:

  1. Must be quick. I don’t want a lot of prep/execution time in the mornings. Ideally, I would want the whole procedure from grind to cup to take no more than five minutes where I’m actively involved. This includes cleanup time.
  2. Must taste good at least as good as the Aeropress (otherwise what’s the point?).

So, here is what I’m finding initially:

  1. It’s a bit slower than the Aeropress, because you have to preheat the chamber and handle for best results. The cleanup is a lot more involved as well because instead of just one chamber to clean you have to clean four separate parts (you also have to make sure not to lose any o-rings off the device (I’ve already lost one, luckily they give you extras). It’s a lot messier because I can’t seem to tamp without making a huge mess (any suggestions on this?). Still, the overall result is it doesn’t take too long, maybe 7-8 minutes once I got used to it.
  2. The taste has ranged from “very good” to “ok” I think one major hurdle is I just happened to pick blends that didn’t shine a lot as espresso. The taste is very different with the Mypressi than the Aeropress and I think it could really shine with the correct blend.

Right now, I’m getting better with it and I like it a lot. I’ve only had one cup that was undrinkable, and that was because I had an o-ring get twisted so it didn’t seal properly. I haven’t used the other attachments so I can’t speak to that yet, hopefully in the next few weeks I can get some more details out.

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