My New Coffee Roaster!

Today was the first time in a while that I hit the local thrift stores.  As much as I enjoy it my time has been tight lately so my guilty pleasure has gone unattended for too long.  The first stop almost netted a Keurig B60 for $15, and I maybe should have picked it up, but I already have one so I let it go. i watched a man make a call and then pick it up and head to the register - good for him and his phone pal I thought.  

The next stop found me staring at a Delonghi Bar 41 espresso machine but the portafilter was missing - another pass. I saw a pristine whte Krups type 183 4 cup brewer with the manual included for four bucks - I did snag this brewer

/files/u2252/IMG_0628krups_183.jpg" align="top" height="429" width="400" />

- it fits my current consumption better than the Keurig too. I found a couple snap lock jars that are great for storing and freezing coffee beans along with a small 18/10 steel frothing pitcher so this was a nice stop.

The last store had a black Melitta Gevalia BCM-4 four cup brewer in great shape, but I already have some of those so I passed on it - probably could have flipped it on ebayt but I didn't feel like messing with it. It is a great little brewer if you ever see one in nice shape - worth the five buck asking price but I find them for two or three bucks often enough.  I passed on a Kitchen Gourmet popcorn popper and coffee roaster since I have some of those already.

Then I saw the roaster

/files/u2252/IMG_0636all.jpg" width="400" height="418" align="middle" />

- a real roaster in the box for five bucks.  This one came home with me.  Nothing fancy though, just a Melitta CBR-10 from 1982.  According to Sweet Maria's web site this item is hit or miss (mostly miss) for roasting.  This one has never been used so maybe I will be lucky. Even if it is a dud the metal chaff collector is worth the five bucks to me since it will fit on a popcorn popper roaster with a little modification.  The craziest part is the Gourmet blend 4 oz bag of green coffee beans still in the sealed bag that came with the roaster - thirty year old coffee, wonder what flavor goodness I could expect if i roast them? On second thought I think I will leave them sealed.

/files/u2252/IMG_0634beans.jpg" width="400" height="391" align="bottom" />

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