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My hobby with coffee got started when I walked into Starbuck and look at the bags of whole bean coffee that they had. Before that, I was not aware of the many different "origins" of coffee; my basic assumption was that coffee is coffee no matter what. My attention was caught by their "Expresso Roast", the description was captivating, "dark, rich and bold"; I decided to pick up a bag to go with my caramel frapucino. 

I did not realized that I have to grind the bean in order to brew it until I get home; the next day, when we went to supermarket, I decided to buy the $25 dollar blade grinder (affectionaely refered by coffee enthusiast as "Wirly Bird"); at the time, my wife gave me a look as if preground coffee is not good enough for me. That night when I got home, I grind up the Starbuck coffee that I got the day before and brew it up using the cheap french press and had the best coffee in my entire life; my whole apartment was filled with pleasant coffee aroma that I was never been able to have before with brewing preground Folger coffee.

For the next month or so, I was excited to experiment about making coffee in the french press following different  parameters and recommendations. I was happy with the results. When I decided to go another step and tried a coffee from Inteligentsia that thing took a turn. I went to the Inteligentsia location in broadway (close to where I go to school at the time) with the intention to buy some coffee. The location at Inteligentsia also sell numerous coffee stuffs such as grinders and espresso machines; when I was there I remembered my reaction when I found out how much their cheapest grinder cost (by coincidence they has the Cappresso Infinity there for the price of $100 and also other more high end grinders like the Baratza and the Mazzer mini). One of the barista there told me a little bit about the grinder; that night when I leaved Inteligentsia, I had a pound of their fine roasted bean and also the determination to find out more about grinders. I eventually buy the Capresso Infinity; it was actually my first "real" grinder.

Fast forward to the  future, now I have about six grinders in total which is not counting the blade grinders, and each is delegated to different type of brewing or different types of beans. The wirly bird is now used for grinding spices for cooking only.

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