My Coffee Valentine: Sweet Gifts for Coffee Lovers

  We may be biased, but when we smell romance in the air, it has the distinct aroma of freshly roasted and brewed coffee. Maybe it's the memory of that first hours-long getting-to-know you coffee date or the delicious indulgence of sharing coffee in bed on a lazy Sunday morning. Whatever the reason, coffee and romance are inextricably linked, and if you're in love with a coffee lover, you probably feel the same. With Valentine's Day sneaking up on you (it's just two weeks away!), we've been looking for coffee-themed gifts we'd love to get -- or give -- on this most romantic day of the year.  

Hearts and Roses

  Turn your morning coffee offering into a Valentine with a little wrist action. Hearts and roses are the epitome of romance and, luckily for you, among the easiest latte art images for beginners. You've got two weeks to practice and perfect your technique for foaming and pouring latte hearts. We love this latte heart tutorial because it goes into detail, and has links to everything you need to know about creating latte art. Want to learn more? Check out this latte art video tutorial series hosted by Ryan Soeder, Barita Trainer at Counter Culture Coffee in Boston. Not sure about your frothing abilities? The Gaggia Milk Frother delivers perfect microfoam every time.  

Sweet Coffee Indulgences

  Some of our favorite roasters put their love of coffee into their names. Fill up a basket of romantic coffees that declare your love right on the label. We feature coffees from Sweet Bloom (add a card that says "You are the sweetest bloom in my life!") and Passion House (Come on, do you really need pointers on how to fit "passion" into a Valentine message?) to help you send a message to your sweet coffee Valentine.  

Sweet Coffee Gifts for Valentines DayTake a Coffee Class Together

  There's no better gift than a gift of time together. Check around at the coffee shops and roasters in your area to see who's hosting coffee classes. You can take a class in pouring latte art, perfecting your pourover or attend a coffee cupping event at your favorite cafe. It's a great way to have fun as a couple -- and learn to make better coffee to enjoy for the rest of your lives.  

Sweet Coffee Equipment

  Red roses, red hearts, red... coffee makers? Sure, why not? Some of our most popular coffee brewers and espresso machines are available in hot, sweet Valentine red. From the Bee House Coffee Dripper in Tomato Red to the luxurious, top-of-the-line La Spaziale Mini Vivaldi II espresso machine (with a sweetener gift from us!), you'll find coffee makers and espresso machines at a wide variety of price points and types.  

Make a Sweet Coffee Treat

  Skip the commercial chocolate hearts wrapped in red foil this year and put some real love -- and a little coffee -- into your Valentine chocolates this year. Hand-dipped chocolate-covered coffee fondants are surprisingly easy to make, even if you've never made candy before. We made these with Laguna Las Ranas coffee from Cuvee Coffee and can't recommend them enough! Not sure of your candy-making skills? Serve up a sweet dessert like these Coffee Chocolate Pudding Parfaits -- just dress them up for the occasion with a stenciled cinnamon heart dusted on the cream.   Not sure what your coffee-loving Valentine would love for Valentine's Day? Let them decide with a Coffee Kind gift card so they can pick what they'll love!  

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