Mtn. Air Roasting Rwanda Coko Coop

While I would say that I have not been wow'd lately by a lot of coffees, I have gotten use to getting lots of good coffee so perhaps that my problem! The good coffee has just kept coming from Mtn. Air Roasting and of the three that I got the Rwanda Coko Coop was my favorite.

Mtn. Air Roasting has been here on Roaste for a while and while I have wanted to try his offerings for a while, it was an unknown. What really pushed me over the edge for this coffee was browsing their website, and noticing they mentioned they used coffee sourced from Coffee Shrub.

Basically, in a nut shell Coffee Shrub is a high quality green coffee supplier that focuses on selling to small roasters so they can have a variety of offerings to roast. That way we the consumers are able to see some of these smaller roasters like Mtn Air carry a handful of different origins, and have some turn over throughout the year. This all means that I was pretty certain that at the very least the coffee had the chance of being good.

Luckily, the coffee was good.

Just when first opening the bag of Rwanda Coko I could tell I was probably going to be in for something nice. The roast was light with a nice spicy sort of smell, it alluded to what the coffee might taste once ground and brewed.

I have been brewing this coffee up primarily as auto-drip, and Hario v60. In both of these the coffee was exactly like the tasting notes. The smell of the brewed coffee was citrus clove, and upon tasting was like a sweet spicy orange. Like a lot of African coffees they are tea like with all of the bright flavors that can be present. Since the coffee is almost tea like it's light and I find it does well for a summer brew.

Besides just the normal brew, I have pulled a few shots with it as an espresso. With this coffee because it is a light roast, for the espresso I used a large dose of 21 grams per double shot. Very citrusy in the cup, and light. This doesn't produce a thick syrupy espresso like a traditional blend, and it does get a little swallowed up by milk in drinks. Overall not bad tho.

A great coffee and if you are looking for something to brew as a non-espresso this is a probably a good pick for a bright cup.

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