Mr Espresso - Gold Medal Blend

I have a little confession on the reason why I bought this coffee. I easily could say it's because I had heard a lot of good things about Mr Espresso or that I really liked their Orangic Neapolitan Espresso Blend, but it was really because when I went to a local grocer they had bags of Mr Espresso. The bags you see were a new style than the usual Mr Espresso bags, they were redesigned in a more "3rd wave" sort of approach, silver bags with minimalist writing really gorgeous. I had some coffee at home so I just placed an order instead.

For better or worse tho this blend that I got in the mail was the traditional Mr Espresso bag that I have seen and gotten in the past. Which is fine because the coffee is good and I like the Mr  Peanut like Mr Espresso character. However, next time I am at the grocer or if I get a new designed bag I will be sure to snap a picture.

So now on to the stuff the really matters how the coffee is.

Auto-drip: This coffee proved to work really well as an auto drip, I like using a really low dose for auto drip about 4.5 grams per cup of coffee. This gave a very well rounded coffee that was very nice mouthfeel, and a rich chocolate taste to the coffee, very low acidity.

Hario V60 2 cup pour over: I liked it as a pour over, but really was my least favorite way of brewing the coffee. It seemed to get a little grassy notes to it as it cooled. Probably has something more to do with not getting the grind or dose perfected but still it was not as good as the other methods.

Clever Dripper: A lot like the auto-drip except since I used a two gram to ounce dose. The coffee was very rich with nice mouthfeel.

Espresso: A nice chocolate blend pulled with a 16 gram dose to about 30 grams. Worked well as a latte and single shot. Very much like what the description of this coffee says, "after dinner" blend.

Overall, it was a great coffee and does well in a variety of methods. This is probably one of those confort blends that is going to be a really good crowd pleaser.

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