Morning Aeropress Method

So, someone asked me a while back to post my current Aeropress method, and I’m just now getting around to it. This is the method that I use to make my coffee in the morning. There are some (marginally) better methods out there, but they’re a bit too fiddly for my taste (and the early hours).

Here’s the method (in bold) with a few of my comments (in italics):

Heat water with electric kettle. This part takes the longest, so start it first.

Grind the coffee. While you’re waiting for the water, grind the coffee. I like mine ground a bit finer than you would use for a french press. I usually use 16-18g of coffee. For someone used to pre-ground, you might want to reduce it to around 12-14g.

Pre-heat the Aeropress. In theory you can wait till the water in the kettle gets hot. I usually just use hot tap water for this part, and let it sit until the water in the kettle is ready to go. Then pour it out.

Pour in ground coffee, follow with about 50ml of water from kettle. I use the inverted method because I have a metal filter. Stir a bit and let it sit for around 25-30 seconds.

Pour in an additional 150ml of water. Stir, place on the cap and plunge. *If you let it sit a bit longer you can extract more flavors, but if it sits too long the flavors aren’t as pleasant in my opinion.

Plunge till you hear the hiss, then immediately stop. I’ve had better results by not plunging completely down.

If I’m making a mocha/latte, I just add directly to milk/chocolate powder. If you’re making coffee, you will need to add a bit more water to the concentrate. So there’s my morning method. I have a bit more complex method if I’m wanting to get a better result, but I like this method to get a good expedient cup of coffee.

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