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I thought I would draw attention to a super cool looking product I had seen that I do not own, but that I would love to have.  I cannot really justify the expense of an electric water kettle and more importantly I cannot convince my wife or myself to take up precious counter space with one, but if I could and I was buying on aesthetics, I would be very tempted to buy the Jura Capresso H20 Plus Electric Water Kettle.  You can find it at Amazon linked below for $48.20, or if you want to support a coffee vendor Seattle coffee gear.

I try not to lift photos from companies websites in case they are proprietal (copyrighted etc) so I will just post the link and say that the kettle is glass and you can see the water boil through the glass making for a stunning affect.  Again I have not used it, so I can't vouch for it, but Mark Prince tends to have good taste so I'd buy it based on his recommendation if I were looking for one.

I came across it by the way on Coffee Geek where Mark Prnice posted his favorite coffee gear in various price ranges.  This is where I first realized that the Illy cups that Sam and I blogged about were back on the market, but it took Sam’s post to push me over the edge and realize that the time had come to pick some up.

He has one post on under $70 purchases and another on super expensive – cost is no object list.

The lists are here

for the inexpensive list and here

for the over $75 group.

The most expensive item on the list is the La Marzocco GS/3, which you can buy here on at the following spot…

just in case you had a desperate urge to buy something pricey.

The cheapest item I found on his list was less than two dollars for an espresso ap for your iphone.  Not being a huge fan of buying aps (perhaps because I do not have a smart phone) the cheapest item on the list I noticed after that was the rattleware milk pitcher for ten dollars (a great recommendation at that).

endation at that).

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