More Advice on Perfect Home Brew

No matter how many articles you read on someone’s “how to make perfect coffee”, there is always something to learn. This week Lindsey Siegele weighed in with her advice gleaned from both experts and fellow students at the University of Kansas. Lindsey first quotes the foremost coffee geek Ken Davids on his bottom line for finding your favorite coffee, which is to start with the roast level. He suggests trying all levels until you find your favorite, and then once you know whether your preference is for light, medium or dark, move on to finding a roaster you like. Colin Newell, editor of, contributes that he finds any coffeemaker can make a great cup of coffee. In fact he says it isn’t even mandatory to buy a coffeemaker, because a person can take a paper filter, put it in a holder, fill it with grounds and pour hot water through them, and end up with a perfect cup of brew. (Don’t tell that to Mr. Coffee, Krups, Bunn etc.) Remember, this is an article in a college paper, so this is great advice for the readership of economically struggling students. Besides providing the most practical advice, Newell also was quoted with the most interesting piece of information. On the subject of water quality, he states that it does affect flavor. If it has a high mineral content, which means hard water, it makes the most flavorful coffee. Why? It seems the flavor components attach to the minerals in the water, thereby packing more flavors into the coffee. So if you’re putting up with the mineral deposits in your machine, just realize that they are bringing you more taste along with the increased work of cleaning your machine. So the best of all worlds, be it economic, taste or work required, is to brew coffee with hard water through a simple holder into a carafe. There will be no hard water scale buildup, no expensive outlay for a machine, and the best flavor possible will emerge from the cup. It wasn’t mentioned in the article, but the new long and slim spouted kettles give the best pour over the grounds. The third wave of coffee is partly about these kettles and their unique design. No college bound student should leave home without one.

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