Moka Pot: Pre-Brew Coffee for Added Flavors and Strength!


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Everyone needs a Moka pot. They make delicious coffee in a short time and are relatively inexpensive. Also, you can get creative with it and make even more amazing coffee. One way  to make your gourmet coffee more enjoyable is by increasing aroma, flavor and strength.

Here’s how.

•    Fill your filter basket with the usual amount of grounds, tamping as normal.

•    Fill the reservoir also as normal with water.

•    Set the basket in place in the Moka pot. The water level should be high enough so that the bottom half of the grounds are immersed.

•    Put on the pot top and let the coffee steep for as long as you want, the longer the better. It works well to let it cold brew overnight.

•    When ready to hot brew, just set the pot on the burner and brew as normal.

By cold brewing the coffee first, different flavors will be extracted. The coffee will come out stronger, making a good base for an Americano. Just add as much water as you want until you get the desired strength. Or add your milk for a rich coffee latte.

Though brewing this way will save on coffee - if you add the water to each cup - it tastes so good you might want to make all of your Moka coffee this way. Enjoy! 

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