Mocha-Rum Sauce

Mocha-Rum Sauce

¾ cup

Passion for Coffee - CoverIngredients

1/2 cup coffee beans

1/3 cup powdered sugar

1 1/2 tablespoons butter

2 tablespoons dark rum

1 cup heavy cream

½ ounce chocolate, shaved

1 teaspoon vanilla extract


1. Place coffee beans in the bowl of a food processor and pulse briefly to chop only to a consistency that you can later strain out.

2. In a sauté pan place the beans, sugar, and butter and cook over medium heat for 3 minutes or until the butter has dissolved and absorbed.

3. Add the rum and continue to cook until absorbed, 1 minute. Reduce the heat if necessary, so the mixture doesn’t burn.

4. Stir in the cream and bring to a simmer, cook for 1 minute more and remove from the heat. Add the vanilla and pass through a strainer. Add the chocolate and mix until dissolved. Discard the solids.

5. Refrigerate, covered with waxed paper. Serve.

Tip: You can omit the chocolate for another (delicious) variety of this coffee rum sauce.

About The Chef

Patricia McCausland-Gallo is a nutritionist, pastry chef, and coffee enthusiast born in the Caribbean town of Barranquilla. She is a graduate of Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, the American Institute of Baking in Kansas, as well as Ecole Lenôtre in Paris. She is a food writer and a manager and owner of bakeries in Barranquilla and Cali. She now resides in Panama City, Panama.

Patricia McCausland-Gallo

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