Mobile Coffee Shop Sets the Bar On Sustainability

Kickstand Coffee has to earn the award for the lowest overhead of a multi-site coffee shop in New York City. It doesn’t get any simpler than the mobile coffee stand of the entrepreneurial trio, which also probably has the lowest environmental footprint of coffee shops as well. recently featured the mobile coffee stand on its website.

As Kickstand’s own website states: “At Kickstand, our primary goal is to provide the best possible cup of coffee to community events in NYC with the smallest environmental impact." To achieve both parts of this goal, they use bicycles as transportation, buy beans from local roasters and do their own grinding.

The key is the portable stand that is broken down into modules that can be transported by two bikes with trailers. Once set up, propane or electricity is used to heat the water for their pour-over pots. At present the grinding of beans is being done by hand, but the plan is to add a mini bicycle to the bar which will do this job. The result is a sustainable cup of hot or iced coffee that sells for only $2.50. Trendhunter reports the coffee has received rave reviews.

Neal, Peter and Aaron have combined two loves - biking and coffee - to come up with this unique coffee cart. They’re also trying to share the joys of cycling as they demonstrate more sustainable ways of preparing food, and particularly coffee. If you live in or visit New York City in the coming spring or summer, look for Kickstand on Twitter: @KickstandCoffee .

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