Minneapolis Coffee

I went to Minneapolis to visit family and tried to find good espresso. It didn't seem to be around every corner. I am sure it was there, it was just not where I was at the time. It's probably like Kansas City where you have to drive quite a bit to find the exceptional roasters. My immediate family and those who I hang out with aren't what my cousin the doctor calls fee snobs but I guess I have turned into one. I went to a restaurant called Hell's Kitchen and the food was awesome. The decor was totally bizarre. They had stuffed crows in places. They had a stage for a band. It was actually in a basement downtown. Lots red and black in the décor go figure. The waiters and waitresses wore pajamas when we were there for breakfast. The first day we were there for breakfast early and not many were there. The second day we came late, it was Sunday, and the place was packed and there was a wait. I would recommend you visit. It is not the same Hell's Kitchen as the television show with Gordon Ramsey but, none the less, we had breakfast there. I had an Americano one day and coffee the next. I was not impressed and they sell their coffee too. I don't think they do their own roasting. They buy from a local roaster. Good food though. I went down town to a place called Espresso Royale and their espresso was acceptable. You would think with all of the shut in snow they have up there they would have more tasty espresso. Oh well.

I took my espresso machine and grinder up in the Hyatt Regency in a grey bin. I felt like Jethro on the Beverly Hill Billy's but my espresso was nice to have. Can you say addict. BTW priceline 65 per night before taxes and parking.

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