Mighty Good Coffee - Smokin' Joe Coffee Blend

There are a lot of roasters here on Roaste, and it can be hard to pick out a coffee sometimes just due to the wide selection. I tend to be a lot like other people you find a roaster or two that you like and you just start going through their coffees, why choose something that is an unknown? However, I was browsing a coffee website called coffeed, which is frequented by well respected coffee professionals, and there I saw someone from Mighty Good Coffee had posted. Thus I figured if they are going to take the time to see what the latest trends in coffee are, I bet they probably make some mighty good coffee.

One of the things that I find when picking up a roast from a roaster that I do not know well is they tend to go a little darker than I like most of the time. I really prefer a medium roast that just starts to get that sweetness from roasting the sugar in the coffee bean, but not enough to have an impact on the actual flavor of the bean. Now all roasters are different, sometimes with a roaster like Paradise their dark roast I find is a little more like a medium roast so I don't worry too much about the level they say. BUT with a roaster I have not heard a lot about like Mighty Good Coffee, I try to stay away from their dark roasts as I really dislike a dark dark coffee.

So after browsing their offerings a little bit and visiting their webpage I found that it looked like they were pretty serious about coffee and I should give them a shot, so I picked up their Smokin' Joe Coffee Blend as it was described as a medium roast. Now it is a little on the dark side for me, but that's why I got the medium roast just in case their medium was a little darker, I can live with and enjoy something a little darker.

What I have to say about this coffee other than I have been really enjoying the past few days is it benefited a lot from resting, even in the brewed setting.

I made this coffee so far as a Clever dripper, auto-brew, and as a latte.

As the Clever dripper it had that really dark rich taste that you think of a french press coffee with dark roasts. It was almost smoky in flavor, which was kind of a surprise to me because I thought it was more of a name than the actual part of flavor of the coffee. It really made me think that this coffee would be good with savory breakfest items like eggs and bacon. Just something hearty to start the day.

Of course it went into the auto-dripper as well and here is where things get interesting... When I first got this coffee I did not enjoy it at all out of the dripper, the smokiness was very amplified with the low doses of coffee I like to use in the auto-dripper, 1 gram to 1 ounce of water. However, as the days have past the smokiness in the blend has died down and the sweetness associated with chocolate notes has emerged to make it very enjoyable.

Now the espresso, I have made this a few times now in lattes. This was a pleasant surprise as this is probably what I would call a comfort blend as an espresso. There is a lot of chocolate in the shot with the milk, and a little hint of smokiness that give it that little bit of bite.

There is a lot of smokiness in these beans, however I am pretty sure that it's not from being over roasted as they look just a bit on the dark side, but nothing overly wrought with ash that can be from other roasters that I have had. The biggest reason why I think the smokiness is just part of the blend is I got a bbq sauce taste to it, no bitterness or ashiness.

Overall, a good blend and will probably be trying out a few more of their coffees to see how they stack up.

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