Micro-Roasted Coffee - Small Is Better

Lately it seems as if everything is getting smaller. We hear of nanoseconds, quarks, nano-molecules and quantum physics, all focusing on the smallest of objects. Specialty coffee now comes riding the crest of other small batch foods and beverages in high demand such as artisan cheeses, micro-brews and micro-distilleries. Micro-roasted coffees are a definite addition to the new trend.

Micro-roasting simply means that coffees are roasted in small batches. That way the maximum freshness is achieved. Roasters who specialize in micro-roasting pride themselves on being able to offer the customer the freshest coffees on the market, because the beans are usually delivered or shipped to the customer immediately after roasting. No grocery store shelved coffees these. We’re talking roasted-to-order, as most of these roasters wait until they have the order before doing the roast.

Often the main way to enjoy such fresh coffee is to find a coffee shop that roasts daily and uses the beans quickly after roasting. But that was before ROASTe came along offering the beans of many micro-roasters who ship your coffee to you right after roasting. Rusty’s Hawaiian, Flat Black, Paradise, Espresso Vivace, and Chazzano are some of our micro-roasted brands. Coffee doesn’t get any fresher than this.

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