Memoirs of a [Don Pachi] Geisha: Help me write some, please!

I just spent $70 on 8 oz. of coffee. And it never even passed through the intestinal tract of a weasel! The beans I’m referring to are Klatch’s Don Pachi Geisha, a coffee highly prized (and priced) for its complexity of flavor. A great deal has been written about the Geisha varietal, some of which you can peruse here and here. This lot of Geisha in particular won Best of Panama 2011 in the natural-processed category, which amplifies the hype surrounding it even further. Speaking of hype, there’s no need to resort to explanations based on speculation in the commodities market to account for the stratospheric going rate here; instead, Don Pachi’s eye-opening sticker price seems to be entirely driven by demand. Need proof? Check this thread, in which a number of people leap to plunk down close to what I’m paying for small quantities of this very coffee *green* (for the most part) so they can try their hands at roasting it themselves.

Will Don Pachi live up to its reputation? I’m a little skeptical but more than eager to find out for myself. 8 oz. (227 grams, more or less) is not a lot of coffee to work with, so I’d like to solicit your advice on how best to make it count. Since the next roast date isn’t until 9/12, we’ve got a few weeks to nail things down. Fellow metrically challenged Americans, I ask your forgiveness in advance as I think aloud in grams rather than ounces.

Here’s the current, very tentative plan:

-- 60 grams Eva Solo (my most foolproof and consistently satisfying brew method)

-- 40 grams Clever Coffee Dripper

-- 40 grams pourover (Hario V60)

-- 39 grams Japanese-style iced coffee (Hario V60 Fretta)

-- 36 grams espresso (Gaggia Classic; 2 shots or bust)

-- 12 grams OPOD pod brewer (out of sheer curiosity)

What do you think? I'll look forward to reading any and all feedback in the comments section.

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