Martha Stewart Coffee Comes To ROASTe

Martha Stewart coffee is now available on!  We’ve just added Antica Tostatura Triestina  - normally called Antica Espresso – a very special coffee because it’s wood roasted with beechwood.

Today, Tuesday, December 21, Martha will be featuring Antica’s new organic coffee line on her show. The show is carried in the morning and in the afternoon. If you can’t watch it on the Hallmark channel, you can watch it online after Tuesday through her archives at

Wood roasting is a slow roasting process which results in coffee that is lower in acidity and higher in body. Antica roasters conserve the coffee’s intense fragrance and natural properties after roasting by cooling the beans quickly and rigorously, using only fresh air. With beechwood, the heat produced is extremely dry compared to the humid conditions of gas heat roasting. But it’s the much slower roasting over the wood that really brings out the best flavors of the coffee.

If you’ve had meat or fish roasted on a wood-fired oven or grill, you know how the smoke imparts a distinct flavor to the food. This also occurs with coffee, though the change in flavor characteristics is very subtle.

You can get any of Antica’s product line at ROASTe at . It might be important to put in an order soon for the best selection, as there is a limited supply and Martha’s show will be airing soon. Why not start the New Year with Martha Stewart Espresso, aka Antica Espresso?

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