Man Booked for Making Coffee and Porridge

The headline doesn’t say it all, but a man was arrested in Britain last week for making coffee. Of course, he had made it in the police station, and he also made a bowl of porridge to complete his breakfast. Further details in the Manchester Evening News inform us that the man visited the unmanned police station in the middle of the night after putting away a few too many drinks of the alcoholic variety. He was found at four a.m. wearing a police helmet and police uniform jacket. He’ll be charged with burglary tomorrow, March 16. The station is in a high end residential area and was not that secure. A broken door was found which was subsequently repaired. It seems that it was a fairly quiet police station. The only other recent excitement there was the incident of the man with the live hand grenade. He had found it while cleaning his Grandpa’s house. The story didn’t say whether he was bringing it to the station in a threatening way or just bringing it in for safe disposal, but the bomb squad was able to remove it safely. This story shows us that timing is everything. If the man, knowing he was drunk, showed up at the station when it was manned, he probably would have been offered the coffee and the porridge. Because no one was there, and he decided to make it himself, he is charged with burglary. What safer place could there be for someone who is drunk than the local police station? After all, he came off the street and wasn’t driving and then did the best thing for his condition by self-administering the coffee. Coffee, as we’ve seen in this news section, is very good for treating hangovers. Porridge, uninvited eating of it……hmmm, this sounds like another story…….

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