Making coffee with a French Press and Hario Mini Mill Hand grinder

Making coffee with a French Press and Hario Mini Mill Hand grinder

This is the video I took a while ago of showing how I make press coffee with a classic Bodum french press. The coffee was ground on a Hario Mini Mill grinder. Overall, this show that you can enjoy coffee seriously without having to spend a whole lot of money. The Bodum french press is of the smallest size available and is the classic Bodum "Chambord" style; it can make a little less than 12 ouces of coffee; you can find these for about $30 shipped from various online stores. I find that I like this size the most as it make enough coffee for me to enjoy without too much that it will become cold. Also, if I desire, I can make it for two people with each person ending up with a little less coffee.

The Hario grinder is the smaller and more economical version "Mini Mill". It is very economical and can be had for about $33 from Coffee Kind. In my opinion, the Hario grinder is of very good quality and can grind quite well esprecially after some really easy modification. It is very sure something that I would recommend to ween people off of preground coffee or a blade grinder. It can double as a travel grinder because it is  qutie small. It does not take much effort to grind at all and it add to the experience of making coffee.

In the video this is a brief summary of my method:

  • Heat water in the microwave, about 50%  more volume of H2O than I actually need for brewing
  • Weigh out about 15 grams and put it into the Hario and start grinding; as I finish grinding the coffee, the water should be reaching boiling point
  • Preheat the french press and the mug: the brewing time of french press is relatively long and preheating will minimize the cooling down as much as possible
  • Add coffee, and then add a few ouces of H2O to "pre-infuse" the coffee; use a spoon to stir to evenly saturate the coffee
  • Add the rest of your water to fill up the french press
  • Time the extraction to about 4 minutes total, then start pressing down gently
  • pour gently to prevent too much sludge from coming into the cup and enjoy!

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