Mad scientist (coffee style) strikes again

A couple of days ago my dad remembered easy doughnuts my mom used to make. She would fry store bought biscuit dough (the kind in the cylinder) and coat in sugar. I did not have biscuit dough or flour. The closest thing I had was pancake mix. I began to think (something usually dangerous) that I could maybe use that as a substitute.

Batch one:

I used one cup of the pancake mix, 3/4 cup of coffee. (I had some of the Kana Cuban Roaster's Havana Blend left).

I also added a teaspoon of vanilla (just because. I like vanilla). After stirring I slowly added more of the dry pancake mix until I could work the dough by hand. Make small balls, flatten slightly and use a knife or fork handle to make a small hole in the middle.

To me this was the hard part as I had never done this before. I put oil in a spaghetti pan and heated until a drop of water sizzled in it. I put the dough balls into the oil and watched carefully (moving them around constantly) until golden brown the flipped.

The first batch did not turn out that well. I think I made them too big and they tasted too much like oil. Smelled good though.

Batch Two:

I made a second batch with smaller dough balls. I only put in three at a time and watched. This time they turned out!

For the sugar topping I took brown sugar, half a scoop of coffee beans and ground up together in my spare coffee grinder (I have two. One I use only for coffee and the other for things like spices). It made a very fine powder! I added this to white granulated sugar and put the doughnuts in it while they were still hot. Yum. It tasted good but reminded me more of fry bread than doughnuts. I still consider it a success though.

Now you would think that I would stop here. No. I decided to take this further. What would happen if I baked the mixture instead of frying? I used the same mixture but this time left it runny (like cake batter). I put the mixture in a brownie pan, topped with the coffee sugar and baked. The dough color made it hard to tell but after 15 minutes at 350 degrees F it was done. I put a little more of the sugar mixture on top and let cool.

It tasted good. Still not doughnuts though but cake. I am satisfied with how it turned out. I am happy. Now time drink coffee and munch. Hmm. There is a recipe I found for coffee jelly...Hmmm....

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