Like you didn't need more of a reason to switch.

So Starbucks is at it again, this time raising their prices see here.

Pretty interesting that there would be some coffee in the news today in the Wall Street Journal. The above article that I liked from them is talking about the brewed coffee from Starbucks, and it's raising a dime in the South and East of the United States, the example given in the article is a $1.85 for a tall (12 oz) brewed coffee. I guess when the price of coffee was high Starbucks decided it would be best to buy some long term buying contracts so they could have a steady price instead of the price potentially just going up. Why there price has to go up when it was already controlled for is beyond me, but that's besides the point.

The point is not that Starbucks coffee is going up, but that we should all follow the resolutions of this article that was brought to our attention here on Roaste. The basic jist of that article is to drink less coffee, but better quality coffee. I think in that vein is to retire your Starbucks Gold Card and start diving head first into Coffee University, or at least fresh coffee made at home.

There have been a few articles about how it's cheaper to make coffee at home, but just for kicks let's rehash the topic just to heat it into our brains a little more.

I am going to assume two things, you have a grinder and something to brew it in be it a press or drip machine, next I am going assume we are working with the 60 gram to 1 liter ratio of coffee to water.

Now lets think using some rough rounding, assuming you pay 15 dollars a pound for coffee, which is about 450 grams, you could make 7.5 liters of coffee. Now a liter is roughly 32 oz so 7.5 multiplied by 32 is 240 ounces of coffee. Now if you are still following me let's take that 12 oz tall coffee at Starbucks, is 20 servings of our coffee. 15/20 is only $0.75 a serving. That's a dollar ten less per serving.

I used what I think is a pretty high ratio of coffee to water to just make the point that coffee at home is better and cheaper, now get Roaste Prime and start ordering away!

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