Let share some interesting video: can you make nice looking latte without espresso machine?


I'm a sucker for cool, interesting or beautiful coffee videos and in the past since becoming interested in coffee have come across many video about coffee in general or espresso in particular that are both educational and inspiring. This morning, while browsing youtube.com I came across this video which I  would like to share with you fellow coffee geeks. I have never seen anything like this before and this definitely confirm my belief that it is the barista who make the coffee and not the "machines" that makes its. 

In this video, the guy make the "espresso" if you are willing to call it that way my just dissolving the intant coffee powder into a small amount of water. This park I really don't care about and I have no doubt that the so call "espresso" would taste quite terrible and bitter. However, it is the next part that is quite amazing; he commence to making microfoamed steam milk just by heating the milk (probably using microwave) and then use a cheap hand-held wand frother. I believe he have develope a very nice technique to do so and it seem like he produce very quality microfoamed milk that rival anything a good barista can put out on a commercial machine. He then continue to prove his point by pouring a really nice latte art that probably looks better than anything I can make with my nice HX espresso machine. This I find pretty amazing!

I think that this can be useful for those who are looking to do milk drink with espresso machines such as the Mypressi Twist or even those who have moka pots but want good quality milk to go with it. I do have a hand-held wand frother and perhaps I should test this out? 

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