Latitude 23.5 - Jamican Craze

I had been wanting to pick up Jamican Craze for a while as I have been intrigued by the flavored coffee that is offered by Latitude 23.5. I am not normally a flavored coffee person, but when it's done right it can really make coffee into a nice desert like drink that a lot of people like, which I think can be evident by the rise of a lot of the coffee shops that have sprung up.

The reason why I had gotten this coffee is because it appears to be the number one flavored coffee here on Roaste, so what better way to start? The price of this coffee is certainly nice at only $10.10. I did decide to get this coffee preground because it was flavored, I have heard that the flavored coffee can really contaminate a coffee grinder. So if anyone decides to get this coffee I would probably have to recommend going with the preground, as it hasn't seemed to negatively impact the coffee.

As you can probably guess since I got this coffee preground I am making it strictly as a drip coffee. This coffee has done really well as a drip for a flavored coffee, it's nice that it isn't overpowering nor is it a artifical flavor. It's called Jamican Craze and it's a kind of sweet caramel rum flavor, thus Jamica in the name (yes Cpt Obvious has stuck). It has a nice flavor by itself something that I find lacking in a lot of flavored coffees.

However, it does really shine with a little bit of half/half. And actually after my wife tasted it with the half/half and she suggested it would do well with hazelnut creamer, I thought it would be a little too many flavors going on, she tends to be pretty good with flavors so I went with it. And of course she was right. It takes the flavor of the coffee to a very hazenut latte flavor and I can see this being a very good substitute if you know of someone that is addicted to flavor coffee shop bought lattes.

Overall, I am pretty impressed with this flavor coffee and if you are the type of person that likes a flavored coffee this one is probably a pretty safe bet.

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