Late Night Decaf Musing

Well, I have become quite interest in decaf recently due to the knowledge of my wife become pregnant. While we are both uncertain of any ill effects that caffeine may or may not have on the impact of a growing little child, it probably best to stay away from regular coffee on a daily basis, especailly since there are a lot of foods out there that contain it and they all add up.

Under normal circumstances my wife would be content to have tea instead of coffee as she is an avid tea drinker in addition to coffee, however due to one those weird pregnancy tastes changes, she has an utter repulsion to tea at the moment. Since it appears this will not let up since she had this same repulsion for our first child, I am on the hunt for a good quality decaf.

Thankfully, there are a ton of decaf coffees to choose from here on Roase, but to be honest I have not had the best experience with decaf coffees. With our last child my wife mostly went without coffee because of the few decafs we tried they were all very bland for the most part. Our most notable try was taking on the decaf offered by Stumptown Coffee Roasters from Portland OR, unfortunately after a few mesirable attempts at trying to get a decent pot of coffee with it we took it back for something else, the coffee was lifeless.

The other restriction we are putting on the coffee is that it's water processed decaf as oppose to the chemical treatment. I know that due to the roasting process of the coffee there is a very minimal if any residue left on the coffee, but if you are going through the trouble of eliminating caffeine from your diet you probably want to try and eliminate any sort dubious chemicals too. Perhaps just the very act of water processing coffee, is what blands the flavor, but I am holding out hope.

Anyway, so at the moment I have Deep Cello's Decaf Black Tie on order and am anxiously waiting to see what results I can get from that. I am very hopefull though based on one of the reviews that it is going to be good. As with all things though I am going to explore a few more coffees before coming to a conclusion since at this time of looking for a new coffee I am a little more aware of all the different roasters out there that there must be a good decaf!

And so if anyone has a recommendation I would love to have it! I would prefer a roaster from this site, but if you know of a good decaf and it can be had with decent shipping costs I would be more that welcomed to hear it!

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