Last Minute Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Chamie gave the great suggestion of "Last Minute Gifts for Coffee Lovers" and in response, here is my top list of gifts from Roaste for the espresso enthusiast!

Just in case my wife is reading this I’ll throw in the dreamers category first…

There are, of course, some amazing machines and grinders on here if you want to go crazy – why not a GS/3, Elektra T1, Vibbiemme Double Domobar, Izzo Alex Duetto… or if your very good friend already has all of those a nice grinder is always appreciated.  I would suggest a Compak K10 or a Mazzer Super Jolly depending on if he or she is a flat or conical kind of espresso drinker.

In all seriousness, though, there are a lot of good gifts that do not have to break the bank.  Here are just a few…

AeroPress Espresso and Coffee Maker


Hario Buono V60 Drip Kettle

Less than $60

Hario Coffee Dripper V60 02 Ceramic

All the rage and less than $25

Yama Tabletop Coffee Siphon 5 Espresso Cups Butane Burner

Super cool and under $90

mypressi TWIST V2

Amazing espresso for under $150 – impossible you say – not so.  Here it is…

Then there are the most obvious great and reasonable gifts of all, the coffees.  I think you cannot go wrong ordering coffee from Velton’s, Klatch, Paradise, Vivace.  I have never had a less than stellar coffee from any of them.  I will, however, pick out a favorite for each (and I have not tried all the offerings from any of them, so this is not to say this is their best coffee, just a great one).

Velton’s Bonsai Blend is a great blend that works well for espresso, but also can make a nice brewed cup.

Klatch Belle is an big booming espresso with lots of body

Paradise Classico is a nice smooth espresso that is a medium roast – not too dark for light roast people and not too light for dark roast people.

Vivace Dolce is a classic pacific northwest blend – big and syrupy and makes great milk drinks.

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