La Pavoni Lever, introduction and technique.

I shot this video a while ago to promote my ebay item. This was a La Pavoni Euripicola vintage late 1980s. It was an all chrome machine intitially acquired through ebay for a cheap $150 as a none working machine. It turned out it any need minimal restoration before it became fully functional and looking like new. I used it lightly for only several months before selling it back on ebay for $350.

There was several reasons I sold this machine, I have one more Pavoni lever that is also shown is the above video; it is a Pavoni Professional which is of a newer vintage which has a built-in pressurestat as well as a pressure gage that allow easy monitoring of the pressure of the boiler. The Povoni Profesional was much easier to use, less prone to overheating and much more predictable. Thus, I have no good reason in keeping the Europicolla.

The video which is quite long and toward the end, I demonstated pulling a shot with it.  I think that the illustration of the technique might be of good use to other lever espresso machine users who just started out. Disclaimer: I used an espresso blend which contain a good amount of Robusta which explain the really thick and mousy creama as shown in the resultant shot. Usually, with an all-arabica blend, I get less creama.

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