La Marzocco Linea operating

Here is a little video that I took several months ago of my La Marzoco Linea pulling a shot of espresso (I forgot what kind of coffee I used but the shot was really good). The particular La Marzocco Linea that I have is a three group version, 220V, 30 Amps, meaning that it is extremely powerful and can be used all day to make coffee for a long line of customer. This La Marzocco has an interesting history, when I got it, I know it was from a Starbucks store because it has a sticker with Starbuck store number on it. A few years ago, most Starbuck branches ditch these Marzocco Lineas and Mazzer Super Jolly for more convinence option of Automatic espresso machines. 

I was quite fortunate to get this machine for a very reasonable price ($400 actually, 2 years ago). It was missing a pump and came with no portafilters. After about $500 in parts and countless hours working on this machine, it is now operatable. I have a few plans for this machine:

-I will be polishing the stainless steel pannel so it will look essentially new!

-There is still some parts I have to buy, as you can see on the video, I definitely need a new presure gauge if I want to sell this machine to someone.

-I'm planning to give this machine a dual PID, one for brew boiler and one for steam boiler.

-There currently is some minor leak from both the steam boiler and brew boiler probably due to pinhole resulted from inproperly filtered water. So, I will need to bring this to a welder and have it fixed.

-I'm planning to give this machine a completely new wiring; the existing wiring is ok but for it to run in the next 10-20 years, it is best that it got new heat resistant wiring.

After all these modifications, I'm planning to put it on the market. I would love to keep it but the place that I'm going to move in has limited space. 

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