Korean Coffee Lovers Get Stats – Do the Math

Koreans love their caffeine, whether it comes in coffee, cola or chocolate. A lot of the growth in popularity of coffee occurred in the last twenty years, since the arrival of the international coffee chains to Korea. Another development has been that of the youth who’ve jumped on the caffeinated energy drink bandwagon. Writer Bae Ji-sook wrote about the caffeine popularity in today’s Korea Herald. They are concerned that Koreans, and especially young Koreans, are taking in too much caffeine. Ji-sook warns that since caffeine is a diuretic, if too much is consumed, it depletes the bones of calcium on its fast track out of the body.

If the youth are choosing caffeinated drinks over dairy drinks, their bone development would suffer. Caffeine is given some credit to, as it stimulates the brain and nervous system and also speeds up the dissolution of fat which can lead to weight loss. But too much of a good thing is of course, not a good thing.

A medical center doctor is quoted as saying that about 400 mg of caffeine (0.014 ounce) is tolerable for adults, or about 2.5 mg per kg of weight. (One pound is 0.453 kilogram.) You do the math for your own weight. He goes on to say this tolerable amount “… is equivalent to three-four cups of brewed coffee. But it could easily be filled by drinking 250 milliliters of cola, one canned coffee and 1 gram of chocolate, too. Therefore, people should watch what they are eating.”

Anyone who’s concerned about their health should definitely watch what they’re eating, and not only watch, but keep track of how much, and what the limits are. Cola and energy drinks are empty calories from sugar, and caffeine without much else. They should be consumed rarely and as has been reported previously on ROASTe, not over-indulged in. Coffee and chocolate, on the other hand, can be enjoyed in moderation much more frequently. Coffee has plenty of health benefits, especially in the amount of antioxidants it provides. Dark chocolate also provides antioxidants and other benefits. Not all caffeine sources are about the caffeine and the mental stimulation alone; coffee and chocolate, in moderation, can also be good for you. Do the math.

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