Klatch - Ethiopian Gedeo Worka Natural

After a trip down to Disneyland over the past week it was nice to come back home to this coffee sitting at my door step along with Belle Espresso blend by them as well. This is my first experience with Klatch so while I had heard good things about them and see the tons of positive reviews on this site for them, I still didn't know totally what to expect. Klatch made a good impression right off the bat with nice packaging of their coffee and easy to read tasting notes with a little bit of information about the coffee.

The tasting notes of this coffee are full of fruits cherries, tropical fruit blueberries, rasberries and touches of vanillia. Coming into this coffee you know you are not going to be getting a typical tasting coffee and if you are looking for something of that nature look else where. But if you are looking for something to challenge you pallate like I am with this coffee then you really came to the right place.

Based on the above tasting notes and some other coffees that I have had in the past, I was a little skeptical of trying this coffee out, but I had just got done reading the introduction to "Uncommon Grounds" talking about the birthplace of coffee, Ethiopia, and I was ready for something a little different.

I tasted this coffee at about 30 grams in the Clever Dripper, at about 18 ozs of water going in, probably 15 to 16 coming out, 4 minute brew 1 minute draw down.

Upon tasting the coffee, I could taste the notes of cherries and some tropical fruit, almost candy like with some acidity. What I found most pleasing about the coffee is the pleasant vanillia and cocoa aftertaste it leaves in your mouth, it's almost like it soothes your taste buds at the end of the sip to keep you coming back for more. I could honestly drink this coffee all day.

I think the tasting notes are in large part due to the roast by Klatch, and doing a medium light roast. I have had similar coffees before that were just too over powering, and perhaps other roasters are too concerned about covering up the taste of the coffee they leave their coffee under roasted. Whereas this roast high lights the natural complexity of the coffee, but not leaving it out there so much that it can't be enjoyed.

Overall, very impressed by Klatch and this coffee.

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