Kermit had it right, it's hard to be green.

I just got done reading the most recent news article here at ROASTe about the sustainabilty of coffee. It's really hard to be green and enjoy a few cups of coffee every morning as it took a very long trip to get from where it was grown to most of our homes. That very journey no matter what other things are done, make coffee very environmentally unfriendly.

So sometimes if I think about everything that I do to try and reduce my "foot print" on this planet, it feels negated by the fact that I drink coffee. Its rather ironic that while at home or work I diligently separate the recycling and compost at home, make sure I only use the washing machine and dish washer when there is a full load, and a whole host of other things. But yet I drink coffee that had to travel a few thousand miles to make it to my cup.

However, there are some good thing that we do as coffee lovers. It appears to me that most of the coffee that we get from our most coveted roasters are for the most part fair trade, or direct trade and some are organic others are rainforest certified. So I am hoping that this means that our little habit is having a positive impact in someone's life elsewhere, even if it does mean I soon may be forced to grow coffee in the backyard because it's warm enough.

Is there anything that we can do as coffee lovers to try and negate our impact more than just buying organic, direct, shade grown coffee? Personally, I have thought about buying carbon credits, but I am just unsure if that would really do anything. For now I will continue to be diligent becauseI don't know about you, but it would be very hard to give up this drink!

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