Keeping it cool

I enjoy drip coffee year round. It's nice on a frosty fall morning and it's nice looking out over the ocean in a tropical location. Sometimes, when it's hot and humid out it's just too unpleasant to sweat through an after dinner cup of coffee even though I really want some. It's times like this when iced coffee is my go to after dinner drink. There are many ways to make iced coffee and I surely haven't tried all of them. In my attempt to minimize the coffee making "tools" that clutter my kitchen I make my iced coffee using a V60 dripped over ice.


I usually make my standard V60 drip with 16g of coffee and a final volume of 300mls. So for the iced coffee I drop 150g of ice into my decanter and tare the scale. I then proceed to brew the coffee as I would a hot cup of coffee until the final brewed volume is 150g. So, 150g of ice and 150g of coffee gives me approximately the same brew ratio as I would have with a hot cup. Yes, I know the density of liquid water is not the same as ice but I'll gladly throw that difference out as negligible in terms of my taste.


Tonight I made some Guatemala Cafe Femino and it was very pleasant as an iced coffee. Tastes included subtle chocolate and fruit with a very clean finish. I've seen many recipes for making iced coffee and many descriptions as to why a certain method might be better than another. I choose this method pretty much because it was easy, I enjoy the taste and I can dual use some equipment that I already have. The gadget freak in me would love to try a Hario or Yama cold dripper.


Anyone have experience comparing different cold drip methods with the same coffee? I'm curious how different preparations affect taste.

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