Keeping Coffee Fresh

I got a lot of nice accessories for coffee making over the holidays and one of those items that I was least expecting was this Airscape Coffee Canister. This was a very welcomed surprise because I had just been leaving my coffee in the bag for the most part.

My reasoning about leaving the coffee in the bag was for a variety of reasons, namely I just drink a lot of coffee so it doesn't sit there for very long. Take a typical Roaste order that I get 3 days post roast and then even if takes me a week to go through it that is only ten days. So I thought that dealing with a container might be a little cumbersome.

The other reason is that while I do have a lot of mason jars around, they are for the most part the type that need the contents to be hot to seal, i.e. create a vaccum. I figured what's the point of putting them inside something that is not going to seal, I like displaying what type of coffee I am drinking for the most part, until it gets down to those last couple ounces.

I also just kind of figured that as long as the bag that the coffee came in was lined so that it was not pourous, the heavy carbon dioxide expelled from the beans would probably act as a shield for the coffee over the time period that I have had it.

Then to top it all off I have not really experienced a dramatic drop off in coffee quality over the typical week it takes me to finish a pound.

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There are few things that I like about over a typical sealing jar. Most jars that I see are glass which is nice but it lets in a little light and if I am going to be going through the trouble of keeping a jar around I want it to be opaque, just in case the light in my dark little kitchen will have an impact on the flavor, it has to do at least as best as a bag right? Enter stainless steel.

Next I really like the dual lids. There is what I believe to be a one valve lid on the top that seals the canister then an inner on that you push down on until you reach the coffee beans expelling all of the air on top. So hopefully even if your beans are not giving off too much gas still they will be able to keep the air off of them.

Plus it just looks nice on the counter.

In the end I think keep coffee fresh is probably a greater concern to someone that may finish a pound of coffee over a two week or great period and I likely might not be able to see the benefits of this storage device, but it's certainly nice to have and keeps from having little twisted bag on the counter. Now I only need another one!

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