Kalita + Olympia

Olympia Coffee roasters,  carried here on ROASTe, roasts some fine coffees. I've had a couple and have been pleased. Like a lot of other roasters, they've had their baristas place well in brewing competitions. If I remember correctly, one of their baristas did very well in the Brewer's Cup using a Hario v60.

Next year's brewer's cup is going to be very interesting, given the American introduction of the Kalita Wave. I may have posted about this nifty little device before. It's a pourover cone that features cupcake-like filters and a flat-bottom. The idea is that these factors help to keep temperatures up and also to work towards an even extraction. I don't know if that's true, but I've personally found it to be a revelation. It's been quite consistent, which I couldn't say with respect to the Hario.

Olympia recently produces a very fine video on the Wave. You can find it on Vimeo:  

Olympia Coffee Roasters - Brewing With the Kalita from Charley Voorhis on Vimeo.

Take-away points: keep the coffee bed low, be gentle with your pour. I don't agree with the part re: paper rinsing but to each his own. These are principles that work well with all pourover. It's just that the Kalita has been designed with these principles in mind.

Anyway, it's a great product and I give it my highest recommendation. 

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