Italy…Via Seattle

No collection of great coffee would be complete without a representative from the epicenter: Seattle. At Caffe D’arte, supreme coffees prepared with a wood-fired roaster not only preserve an Italian art form, we also set a standard of excellence that few can match. Founder Mauro Cipolla insists on it.

Could more praise be heaped on Caffe D’arte? From the Seattle Times calling our coffees “ a perfect cup” to Elle Magazine referring to us as “one of Seattle’s liquid-dispensing equivalents of opium zen,” it’s no surprise Caffe D’arte win awards after awards.

Nearly 6000 miles separate Caffe D’arte from the coffee roasters of Naples, Italy where Mauro began his apprenticeship. But consider this: The Atlantic Monthly says” Caffe D’arte roasts much better beans than one finds in Italy.” With praise like that, our  coffee-loving native Italian friends ought book a flight.

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