Is a Lighter Roast in Our Future?

Serious Eats just ran a story about Scandinavian coffee, or rather, the way a few Scandinavians view the roasting of coffee. Many in the coffee culture apparently consider Scandinavian coffee to be unique, superior, and/or in some cases extreme. What’s the real story? The answer isn’t the popular conception that the roasts are lighter, because that’s only half true. It seems to be more the quality of the green coffee they start with, plus taking time to figure out the “flavors intrinsic in each” coffee. Part of the secret is in the selection of the bean – those that excite them. Though the Scandinavians don’t seem to believe one roast fits all, they do admit to a lighter roast than is common, though they don’t all roast lighter across the board. Espresso is extracted differently, resulting in a cup that’s less syrupy and lighter bodied than North American espresso. The roasters interviewed preferred filter brew tor the “real nuance”. Author Liz Clayton reported that the tastes of the current coffees featured by these roasters were not your stereotypical ones. She states that as more roasters respond to the success of the Scandinavians, “a future of tastes both more delicate and unexpected surely awaits. And the coffees we're beginning with are only getting better.” In the end, the comments focused on the “lighter style of roasts”. Though many roasters dislike the lighter profile, the roaster interviewed said once they start trying it and seeing the “whole new set of flavors”, that attitude may change. This discussion had all the elements of the third wave of coffee, which emphasizes a more personal relationship with the beans, the roast, the grind and the brew. Will lighter roasts become a new third wave American trend? A few roasters here are going light. Their success may make a difference. ROASTe has many light roasted coffees. Below are three to try.

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