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I am holding a bag of very special coffee in my hands thanks to the efforts of the good folks at Iron Brew Coffee Company.  This roaster makes their coffee available to all of us through ROASTe, but I have to wonder if every bag can hope to see the loving attention that this Cerrado Gold (pronounced "Say-hah-doe" according to the packaging) has received before making it to some lucky customer's door.

I will share the details of the preparation and journey to my grinder that these beans made.  First, my coffee was gently taken from the roaster (man, machine, or both - the letter does not mention which) with sterilized contamination fee gloves and placed onto a golden pallet.  Next a each bean is inspected and polished by an enthusiastic and devoted employee to insure only the finest quality makes it to me. One it passes this inspection and polishing the packing specialist lights a candle while a hush falls over the crowd before placing my premium coffee into a silver lined bag.  

The entire party marches in celebration with my order down to the post office - the entire town of Blythewood (over 2,000 souls according to Wikipedia!) sees my package off as it is loaded into the private Ironwood jet and directed toward my door. The letter detailing this process is included in the box with my beans - all roasters should give this special attention in my humble opinion.

The letter fails to mention the rest of the story though. My delivery man wept as he handed over the box assuring me that even though pirates repeatedly attacked his truck and many good men were lost defending the cargo, nothing would stop them from delivering this most excellent coffee to my door.  He mentioned something about dragons and trolls that went in one ear and out the other (but did not mention Aliens - which for some reason I find strange) since these delivery types can be long winded and given to exaggeration if given too long a leash.  I did however notice a cutlass stuck in the side of the van as he pulled away.

I love a company with a sense of humor - thanks for the entertaining letter along with the coffee Iron Brew! 




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