Irish Drivers Want What You Have

If 38% of Irish drivers have their wish, Irish highways will soon be sprouting coffee stations. To celebrate the release of Gran Turismo 5, PlayStation 3 conducted a survey recently among Irish drivers. Among the topics on the survey were refresher courses for Sunday drivers, high speed ramps, male drivers who shave enroute to work, female drivers who put on makeup, number of taxi drivers and more. Virtually no detail was overlooked to find out how drivers feel about Ireland’s highways and fellow drivers.

Coffee was on the survey as well, as the respondents were asked if they want coffee stations at toll booths. Over a third said they did. The article didn’t say if the drivers were asked what kind of coffee stations they wanted, whether automated or manned with baristas. It also didn’t say how many toll booths operate on Irish roads. A Google search showed only that the main highway around Dublin has a toll. But we can probably assume that if they want coffee stations at toll booths, they would be happy with accessible coffee stations which don’t require leaving the highway. Anyone hear Flying J or Pilot?

Coffee drinking is increasing in Ireland, which is better known for its tea and whiskey. Ireland ranks 38th in per capita consumption of coffee, almost ten countries below the US. but ten above the UK. In the birthplace of Irish Coffee, there are now two Starbucks. Many of the coffee houses are “coffee and tea” shops. So the fact that the highways don’t include the coffee stops is not too surprising.

Another finding of the survey which relates to coffee drinking while traveling has to do with toilets. Over half, 57% of the drivers, would love to see pit stops with toilets along long stretches of roadway. Some smart entrepreneur should open up coffee shops with restrooms along the freeways. After all, with over a third of the drivers drinking coffee on the road, it only follows that rest facilities will be desperately needed.

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