Irish Coffee for Dreary Winter Weather

/files/u3017/irishcoffee.jpg" height="129" width="190" align="left" />When a beleaguered group of American travelers collapsed into seats at Foynes (Shannon International Airport) the head chef decided to spruce up their coffee a bit. He served their coffee with a bit of Irish whiskey and promptly named it "Irish Coffee."

This winter warmer combines the best of coffee and Irish whiskey for a delightful treat. Though some recipes call for coffee additives and flavorings, the best Irish Coffee is made with only four key ingredients. Sumatra coffee (or espresso), Brown Sugar, Heavy Cream, and Irish Whiskey. For those of you debating the addition of whiskey to your coffee, the Lite Irish Coffee simply calls for the removal of whiskey from the recipe entirely.

Ingredients (makes 1 Irish Coffee)

6-8oz of coffee - We prefer Sumatra. You can also use a long shot of espresso.

2TBL of Brown Sugar - This will compliment the ingredients nicely

2TBL of Irish Whiskey 

Fresh Heavy Cream - We highly recommend this over the canned variety


1) Place a mixing bowl and whisk in the freezer for 30 mins. Cold utensils make whipping heavy cream easy.

2) After 30 mins remove the utensils from the freezer. Begin brewing your coffee.

3) As the coffee brews, take the mixing bowl and place inside your desired amount of whipping cream . Place a dollop of sugar on top and begin to whip. You want to aim for the consistency of custard in order to ensure the cream floats on top of the coffee.

4) Place the brown sugar in the bottom of an Irish Coffee Glass or, if you do not have one, in your favorite mug.

5) Add the whiskey.

6) Pour the coffee over the whiskey and sugar and swish it around in the cup gently.

7) Take a spoon and turn it upside down. Carefully, as close to the coffee as you can, pour the cream over the top of the spoon and into the glass. Slowly lift the spoon while continuing to pour until the desired amount of heavy cream is floating atop your drink. Do not stir!

Take a sip and enjoy the wonderful blend of hot coffee and cold cream. Please, drink responsibly.

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